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Adding Submenu and MenuItems to Ax-Menus using X++ code

In this example I am going to illustrate how we can add the Menu items to the Menu’s using X++ code.

For this example, I am using form called InventParameters.

For this form I am creating new Display Menu Item, and the same menu item I am going to place in Invent menu.

Inventory Management à Setup à My Menus à My Invent Parameters

The above marked Submenu and Menu item are added to Invent Menu by using following X++ job.

static void AddSubmenuNItemstoMenu(Args _args)
    TreeNode        treeMenuItem;
    TreeNode        treeDisplayMenu;
    TreeNode        treeMenus;
    Menu            treeMenu, treeMenu1, treeMenu2;
    str             MenuName = "MyInventParameters";
    MenuFunction    menuFunction;

    treeMenuItem        =   TreeNode::findNode(#MenuItemsDisplayPath);
    treeDisplayMenu     =   TreeNode::findNode(#MenuItemsDisplayPath + "\" + MenuName);
    treeMenus           =   TreeNode::findNode(#MenusPath);

        treeDisplayMenu = treeMenuItem.AOTfindChild(MenuName);
        treeDisplayMenu.AOTsetProperties("PROPERTIESn Object  #" + "InventParameters" + "n  Label  #" + "My Invent Parameters" + "n ENDPROPERTIESn");

        treeMenu = treeMenus.AOTfindChild("Invent");
        treeMenu1 = treeMenu.AOTfindChild("Setup");
        //treeMenu2 =  treeMenu1.AOTfindChild("Parameters");

        menuFunction = new MenuFunction(MenuName, MenuItemType::Display);

        treeMenu1.addSubmenu("My Menus");
        treeMenu2 = treeMenu1.AOTfindChild("My Menus");


        print "New Menuitem is created under Invent menu";


In the above example I had used Menu class, instead of Treenode class for adding the Submenu and Menu items to the Menus of Ax.

After the above job is executed, you can find a new Display Menu Item at the following path

AOT à Menu Items à Display à MyInventParameters.

We can observe new Sub menu and Menu Item under Invent Menu also. 

AOTà Menusà Inventà Setupà My Menusà My Invent Parameters.

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