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Workflow approval pending records from Ax User Login

The following example gives an idea about how we can see the Workflow approval pending records, from a particular user Login.

In this example, I want to know, which all the ProjProposal Invoice records are pending for workflow approval process from my login Id.

static void WFApprRecordsFromUser(Args _args)
    QueryBuildDataSource    qbds, qbds1;
    QueryBuildRange         qbr;
    Query                   query = new Query();
    QueryRun                qr;
    ProjProposalJour        projProposalJour;

    qbds = query.addDataSource(tablenum(ProjProposalJour));

    qbds1 = qbds.addDataSource(tablenum(WorkflowWorkItemTable));
    qbds1.addLink(fieldnum(ProjProposalJour, RecId), fieldnum(WorkflowWorkItemTable, RefRecId));
    qbds1.addRange(fieldnum(WorkflowWorkItemTable, RefTableId)).value(QueryValue(tablenum(ProjProposalJour)));
    qbds1.addRange(fieldnum(WorkflowWorkItemTable, Status)).value(QueryValue(WorkflowWorkItemStatus::Pending));
    qbds1.addRange(fieldnum(WorkflowWorkItemTable, UserId)).value("santo");

    qr = new QueryRun(query);

    while (qr.next())
        projProposalJour = qr.getNo(1);
        print projProposalJour.RecId;


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