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Displaying SSRS report in Ax-EP page

Some of my blog readers and my friends are asking me how we will show the SSRS report in EP.

I want to share the same through my blog for all.

In my previous example we had seen how to create a sample report in SSRS, for this article I will use the same report.

Assume that report is ready and free from Errors.

1)      In the solution explorer right click on the project and select the option of Save to AOD. 

2)      Come to Ax Client and open AOTàReport LibrariesàSantoshPracticeReports right click on our report library and select the option of Deploy. The report will be deployed to the report server.

3)      Create a new Menu Output Item in Ax client for this new SSRS report and name it as follows and set the properties also.

AOTàMenu ItemsàOutputàSampleCustomers

Note: In EP, SSRS report will be identified by using the Label property of the Menu Output Item.

4)      In Ax-EP-SharePoint site create a new page and add the web part related to Dynamics Ax SSRS report as shown in following figure.


5)      On the newly added web part select the option of Modify Shared Web Part and assign our Ax Menu Output Item to this web part as shown in below figure. Click o OK


6)      We have done with the attaching the SSRS report to the EP pages of Ax.


7)      For the same page we can create new web menu URL item.


8)      This URL menu item can be placed in Quick launch or in Web Menus accordingly.

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