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Tree View Control in Dynamics Ax 2009 EP

This example is for displaying the Tree View control of ASP.Net by populating the customer details, in Dynamics Ax 2009 EP.

For populating the data on the tree control, I had taken the help of Proxy methods concept in EP.  I had implemented one method on the CustTable.

public static CustTable getAllRecords()


    CustTable   custTable;   

    Select * from custTable where custTable.CustGroup == "20";

    return custTable;


The same method, I am calling in EP by using Proxy like as follows,

IAxaptaRecordAdapter adapter = Microsoft.Dynamics.Portal.Application.Proxy.CustTable.getAllRecords(this.AxSession.AxaptaAdapter);

We can get the IAxaptaRecordAdapter object in other ways also, in this application I am receiving the same by using Proxy method concept.


For code and design the application, find the document at the following location


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