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Dynamics Ax-EP Testing multiple web parts of same page

Testing of multiple web parts in EP development…

If we have a situation like, we want to host more than one web part in a single page, and we want to test that web parts before deploying into the SharePoint pages. [These web parts are like connected]

Assume that we have three web parts and we want to test that three web parts before deploying on to the same page

In our Development web parts – Visual studio solution, Move to the Design view of AxWebPartPage.aspx. We will find a control for testing a single web part.

Now move to source view of the same page, we will find the following lines of code for that control.

<dynamics:AxUserControlWebPart ID="AxUserControlWebPart1" runat="server"

                        ManagedContentItem="CplTmConflictSearch" />

Copy that control source code and paste it two times as follows and change the ManagedContentItem property according to the name of the web part names.

<dynamics:AxUserControlWebPart ID="AxUserControlWebPart2" runat="server"

                        ManagedContentItem="CplTmConflictSearchGrid" />


                        <dynamics:AxUserControlWebPart ID="AxUserControlWebPart3" runat="server"

                        ManagedContentItem="CplTmConflictSearchRelationGrid" />


Here I am testing that three web parts by using three controls of AxUserControlWebPart.

Now run the solution, we can see the result in browser direclty; if it is success then we can deploy these web parts onto a single EP page.

This way we can test multiple web parts of the same page.

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