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Dynamics Ax in Outlook Part – III

This is the continuation of my previous blog entries of Dynamics Ax in Outlook Part – I and II.

In this example I am going to illustrate, displaying the Customer creation form with in the Outlook. As Outlook – Inbox is displaying. 

It’s not like a separate form, which I had shown in Dynamics Ax in Outlook – I blog entry. In this one the Form is displaying as a separate entity as per the standard options menu click events of Outlook.

Here in this example the Customer creation form will be displayed as Inbox. i.e. within Outlook.

Development steps:

Find the development steps which are there in this blog entry

 http://paruvella.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F2EC589E221A4DB0!193.entry, till 5th steps are same for this application also.  

After completion of the first 5 steps Add Customer Service as a Service reference, to the project.

Instead of .Net Windows Form, developed the User control, as similar appearance to the Form of the above blog entry. User control named as Customer.cs.  Provide the GUID (74b7d27f-6cd3-4745-9ff5-ca5767c69723) for this user control.

This user control, I am registering as a Com Interop object with the registry. 

Using that above GUID only the control will be registered in the registry.

That com object embedding in the html file and that same html file I am attaching to the newly created folder in MS –Outlook –In Box, named as Customer Creation.  

This file will be saved with GUID which mentioned in User Control (Customer.cs)

Html file name: 74b7d27f6cd347459ff5ca5767c69723.htm

Html file Source code.

<html><body rightmargin = ‘0’ leftmargin =’0′ topmargin =’0′ bottommargin = ‘0’>

<object classid=’clsid:74b7d27f-6cd3-4745-9ff5-ca5767c69723′ ID=’Customer’ VIEWASTEXT width=’100%’ height=’100%’/>


The folder and user control which is embedded in html file can be viewed in the following figure.

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  1. April 11, 2012 at 7:42 am

    I wanted to know whether the application of this tutorial really need the existence of Dynamics AX in the PC, because I want to customize the item with a single user to outlook with Dynamics AX.
    Please, if possible let me know

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