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Dynamics Ax in Outlook Part – I

Creation of Dynamics Ax – Customer from Outlook

In this article the example of application is, Dynamics Ax is integrated in Outlook.Surprised

In my example application, can create the customer from Outlook also. This has been done with the help of Dynamics –Ax –AIF –Web Services and VBA code (VSTO applications).

May be there is so many ways, but I had done with the following approach.

For this application requirement is:

a)      Dynamics Ax – AIF –Web Services

b)      Visual Studio -2008

c)       Office 2007

Application Development steps:

1)      Open Visual Studio – 2008. File à New àProject one window will be opened.


2)      In the left pane of the window select Visual C# and under that hierarchy, select Office in that office select office 2007.


3)      Then in the right side of the pane select Outlook Add-ins 2007.


4)      Give the name of the application as OutlookDynamicsAxMenu.


5)      Add the following references to the Solution/Project.

A)     Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library

B)      Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook

C)      Microsoft.Office.Tools.Common.v9.0

D)     Microsoft.Office.Tools.Outlook.v9.0

E)      Microsoft.Office.Tools.v9.0

F)      Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Runtime.v9.0

G)    Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.Runtime.v9.0

6)      Add our Dynamics –Ax –AIF – AxdCustGroup Web Service and add AxdCustomer Web Service also.


7)      Add the new Form to this project. Design and code the form similar to my previous application in this same blog. For quick reference see the following link.



8)      We have to do the actual integration code in this class ThisAddIn.cs. This class can be find in the solution explorer under the Outlook node. This Outlook node can be after the References node.


9)      The form which is developed in step-7 will be called in this class, based on click event of newly created Menu Item (Creation of customer).


10)   Now find the actual integration code in the following link.



11)   After adding the above code compile the project/solution and run the application.


12)   Now we will find the new menu in outlook as shown in following figure.


13)   Now click on the Creation of customer menu item under Customer Menu.


14)   Form will be opened and provide the required details and click on Create button on the form.


15)   New customer will be created in Dynamics Ax and a message will be populated.

This is how Dynamics Ax is integrated in Outlook.      

Watch this blog some more articles are upcoming , for bringing the Dynamics Ax into MS –Outlook…………  Auto

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