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Dynamics Ax – AIF – Axd Read Action with single entity key have multiple Key Fields

Read Action with single entity key, have multiple key Fields:

While working on integration application, I had come across the situation, where table is having unique index with 6 fields.

i.e. Entity key for this table is defined on these 6 fields. To get the outbound information from this corresponding Axd class (to invoke the Read action on this related Axd we have to pass the 6 keyfields as entity key)


Here the sample code for calling Read on the corresponding Axd class.

C# Code:

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using System.ServiceModel;

using TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements;



namespace TestWebApplLognElements


    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


            HndHNDWebApplLogElmntsServiceClient proxy = new HndHNDWebApplLogElmntsServiceClient();

            AxdHNDWebApplLoginElements axd = new AxdHNDWebApplLoginElements();


            TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.EntityKey[] entityKeyList;



            TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.EntityKey entityKey = new TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.EntityKey();

            TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.KeyField[] keyField = new TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.KeyField[6];


            //keyField[0].Field = "LoginId";

            //keyField[0].Value = "";

            //Error if we use the above commented lines: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

            //Intially i tried above way, but it is giving above error so it’s better to pass the values as below.           


KeyField myKeyField = new KeyField();

            myKeyField.Field = "LoginId";

            myKeyField.Value = "";

            keyField[0] = myKeyField;



            KeyField myKeyField1 = new KeyField();

            myKeyField1.Field = "WebGroup";

            myKeyField1.Value = "";

            keyField[1] = myKeyField1;



            KeyField myKeyField2 = new KeyField();

            myKeyField2.Field = "TableGroupAll";

            myKeyField2.Value = "All";

            keyField[2] = myKeyField2;


            KeyField myKeyField3 = new KeyField();           

            myKeyField3.Field = "ElementItem";

            myKeyField3.Value = AxdExtType_HNDWebApplElementItem.LawyerClient.ToString();

            keyField[3] = myKeyField3;



            KeyField myKeyField4 = new KeyField();

            myKeyField4.Field = "CompanyId";

            myKeyField4.Value = "";

            keyField[4] = myKeyField4;


            KeyField myKeyField5 = new KeyField();

            myKeyField5.Field = "CompanyAll";

            myKeyField5.Value = "All";

            keyField[5] = myKeyField5;



            EntityKey myEntityKey = new EntityKey();

            myEntityKey.KeyData = new TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.KeyField[6] { keyField[2], keyField[1], keyField[0], keyField[5], keyField[4], keyField[3] };

            entityKey = myEntityKey;



            entityKeyList = new TestWebApplLognElements.HndWebApplLoginElements.EntityKey[1] { entityKey };


            axd = proxy.read(entityKeyList);








……………. Red rose

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