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Debugging WCF Services (*.SVC) – Integration with Dynamics Ax


These days, I am working on Integration solutions with Dynamics Ax.

Here .Net web application is developed by integrating to the Dynamics Ax. Like following

Dynamics Ax   ßà Ax Services ßà Web Application

Where Ax Service is kind of web services is developed using WCF (*.svc services similar to our AIF-Web Services) which will communicate to the Ax for business logic execution and the same will communicate to the Web application for UI.

For debugging this web services from web application, I struggled a lot, I had made suffered even .net people also.

At lost we found the way to debug the services (which are hosted in IIS) from .Net web application (also hosted in IIS).

Debugging steps for debug WCF services (*.SVC)

1)      Place the debuggers in the solutions where we want to debug.

2)      Attach the Ax Service to the w3wp.exe. We will find this one in VS.Net àDebug àAttach to process…

3)      It will open a window, in that click on Select button, which is in the same row of Attach to: labeled test box.

4)      It will open another window from that select Managed code.

5)      Then we will see the w3wp.exe. if we won’t find first time here just run .svc service in browser once, and refresh the process list,  we will find the same now.

6)      Now attach the web application also to w3wp.exe and open the web application default page from IIS. Now we can debug the web application through web services. 



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